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ECO Power Drive

Improve fuel efficiency up to 18%. Designed and built completely in-house, this proprietary feature is just one of the reasons we can say that Merlo makes BETTER MACHINES.

Merlo's EPD - Eco Power Drive - system ensures significant savings thanks to an electronic and automatic management system that factors in both engine parameters (revs, power curves, torque, and fuel consumption) and the state of operation of the telescopic handler (speed, weight, up/down gradient, and possible pulling loads) to ensure that torque is suitable to exceed driving resistance while keeping engine consumption low.

Self-Accelerating Capacitive Joystick

All variable displacement pump telehandlers have the exclusive self-accelerating capacitive joystick. Using a capacitive joystick enhances control ergonomics, decreases operator fatigue, and boosts daily production. Two integrated sensors detect the presence of the operator's hand to ensure a smoother, simpler, and more user-friendly operation in any situation.

When the control is engaged in excess of the engagement limit (travel greater than 20%), the device automatically increases diesel engine revs (up to a maximum threshold allowed by the potentiometer) without raising driving speed. Because engine revs are maintained to a minimum when the hydraulic system is not in use, this technology provides for even more fuel savings. The telescopic handler is also much faster to use, with improved performance and efficiency.

Nimble Performance + Precision Movement
Advanced Performance + High Capacity
Maximum Stability + Powerful Precision
Maximum Efficiency + Powerful Versatility
Unconditional Productivity + Robust Durability

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